zaterdag 20 juni 2015

Flux in colours and Beads of courage

The Diva challenge #221 is to use some colour in your work.  I don't use colour very often in my work, but I bought some coloured fineliners a few weeks ago.  "Nature colours" is mentioned on the package, and I like the colours very mux.  So, I decided to use them voor my tile this week.  I made a monotangle with Flux in colours, as Flux is this weeks challenge of the Square One facebookgroup. 

Not an easy challenge previous week, these beads of courage.  It's challenge #221 of the I-am-the-Diva site, to make a tile with the beads of courage the children get in the hospital when they have any kind of investigation there.  In Belgium, the children don't get beads, but often a little toy.  But I like the idea of beads, so I really wanted to participate to this one.

But... trying and trying to get some nice beads or pearls on my tile.  Here is my final result that is more or less okay.  So I can stop trying now and move on the the next challenge !

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