vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Baby Q in memoriam

I was so pleased a while ago to post a tile for Baby Q, the newborn elephant in Planckendael.  You can find it on my blog (May 2015). And we already planned a visit with the children to have a look at him. But from the beginning there ware some messages that he dit not do it very well and his mam would'nt take car of him.  And yes, he had bad luck with his health (disfunctioning liver) , and he died after a month on May 22. 

So, the day I heard the sad news, immediately a sketch came up in my mind and I put it in my pocket book and worked it out later that evening.  I posted it on the facebook page of Planckendael as a kind of memorial and support for the people who took care of him there.  As I checked out my blog today, I saw I did'nt post the tile here yet, so I do it now.

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