zondag 7 juni 2015

Challenges Square One May

The month did pass realy quickly.  I can't believe whe are already in June.  Still some exams for the children and then there are already the summer hollidays.  I post my tiles I made in May for the facebook group Square one.

Week one: cubine
I did not like cubine in the beginning, it was to static for me.  But, then I played a bit with it and tried some variations, and yes I got some quit nice results.  I made two tiles with it.

Week two: zinger
Oh, this is also a lovely pattern. I used it together with Featherfall van Bunzo.

Week three: bunzo
One of my favorites - I used is already last week - so i made different tiles.  I wanted to create some bunzo worms coming out of the black holes.  And after some trying it succeeded quit well.

Week tree: purk
One of the patterns I learned in the beginning. So a chance here to use and practice again.

Week four: Rain
Finaly, my tile is finished today.  Due to the fact that I'm not using the standard format of 3,5 inch (9cm), but making a bigger one - more a ZIA of 20cm square - it took a little longer. But here is Rain together with Pokeleaf, Nzeppel, Printemps, Knightbridge and some new patterns I learned like Drupe, Antidots, Eddy Per

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