dinsdag 2 december 2014

Momorial flowers and ING

Since October and November in Belgium was all about momorials and remembering WWI, it was a lot in my head too.  Especially because we gave two momorial concerts one in the beginning of November, and one at the end.  Two different locations and also two different choral groups and programs to perform but twice momorial songs with some memorial flowers. Everyone had to put a  little poppy on there (black) clothes, to have a nice homogeneaus group on stage. 

On the last concert we had to wait about tree hours (!) before we could perform, and fortunately I had  my scetch book with me.  I started a zentangle with some simple poppies and some strings. Then I saw the challenge on the facebook group ' Square One: Purely Zentange' to use ING and shading this week.  I took my momorial tile again to finish and ING just fits into it.  Don't you think so ?

And here our memorial poppy

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