zaterdag 20 december 2014

Keep it simple with a wish - challenge #198

This weeks Diva Challenge #198 is 'to keep it simple, stupid' (KISS).  What is simple to me ? A simple pattern, lot's of white space on the tile.  Not much thinking while drawing, but still enough contrast and a nice border.
Just as in life: I wish you some simple things, white space to fill in as you pleace and sometimes a bit of contrast and going outside the border as the finishing touch.

I used a simplifyed version of fricle for the border, and Indy-Rella in the middle.  A bit of shadow, and that' it. Simple and nice looking !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Elegantly simple...that often happens with simple! Thank you for the inspiration! Have a happy holidays!

  2. Dit ziet er inderdaad erg mooi uit. Ik ben 'weg' van de schaduw rond het frame. Ik wens jou en de jouwen mooie dagen en voor 2015 alles wat goed is.

  3. Simply elegant. Zinger truly shines on this tile.

  4. Love it !
    I love how you used "simple" as a minimalistic approach. and I love the tile you created

  5. Have to agree with the previous comments. I really like how you did the border using Frickle to create a scalloped edge.