zaterdag 27 december 2014

Lucky clover

The challenge of 'Square One: Pure Zentangle' was to use the pattern Crescent Moon this week.  My Crescent  Moon turned out to be a four leaves clover ... for luck !  So here my wishes for 2015: luck and hapiness to all of you in 2015.

My next tile with crescent moon, I made on gray paper because I wanted to use some white in it. May be because of a bit of snow in my mind I think ?  And there it is: today a few centimeters of snow - may be tomorrow just enough for the childer to play in.

During the year I made some other flowers, and I'll post them here together with my lycky clover.  The first down here is my napkin-flower ('servietbloem') .  I made it in the summer after a barbecue we had with some friends.  The hostess put some very nice napkins on the table with a beautiful pattern.  I tangled it immediately at home, and made this nice flower with it. It's also made on gray paper.

The tile here was the first I made on black paper.  Not that easy with the white gel pens I have.  I should look for some better ones soon !  I tangled the flowers of my eyeglasses case, during a a coffee break while doing some shopping a while ago.  For the background on the tile, I was inspired by the wall paper of the cafe.

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