zondag 17 augustus 2014

Pur Natur and a balcony

As I mentionned in my first item, with zentangle I started to look again to the world.  And of a sudden, I saw patterns and strings to fill everywhere.  Doors, floors, tissues, flowers, trees, paper etc.

This pattern I found on a pot of jam at breakfeast time.  Very nice pattern, and I tried to make a tangle of it.  I call it Pur Natur, as indicated on the jam.

And I used it in a mini-tangle.  I have to explore it later on in some other tangles.
(creation date 25/4/2014)

Later on that week we made a walk in the city, and set down on the market place in Mechelen to eat our ice cream.  Time to look around and observe...  I saw a beautiful balcony in forgings on one of the old houses on the market place.  I made a scetch of it there, and once at home I immediately made a realy beautiful zentangle of it.  Okay, this was what I would do in my free time !

The house with the balcony

And here my zentangle created out of it.  In dutch I call it 'smeedwerk' (forgings)
(creation date 30/04/2014)

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