woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Butterfly surprise

It's time to add some holiday-zentangles to my blog.  I made some pretty ones, and I want to share them with you.
The first one I made in summer holiday is one for my youngest daughter.  I found my inspiration for the zentangle on the road to her sports camp some time ago in De Nekker.  We go always on bicycle and pass through Toysstreet, which is next to the Toysmuseum of Mechelen.  On het wall are different  nice children drawings, and there was one drawing that got my attention.  I made a picture of it, and later on made a zentangle of it.

Nicest thing about this zentangle: I put the card in the luguage of my youngest as a surprise she should find on her ropeskipping camp. A few days later we received a letter of her, with the card also back with the letter.  And she wrote: 'I like your card very much mummy, so I sent it back to you because I don't want to lose is here'.  So nice, and also a surprise to me.

Here is my zentangle
(creation date 30/6/2014)

And the original drawing on the wall in Toysstreet:

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