maandag 25 augustus 2014

Coming World Remember Me

We passed our family summer holidays in Heuvelland (Belgium), and made several trips from there.  We went to Watou one day, where the artistsfestival each year takes place.  One of the projects on the festival made a very deep impression on me, namely the Coming World Remember Me Land Art installation van Koen Vanmechelen.  It's a project that consists of the making of 600000 of little clay statues - little man  - in the period 2014-2018, as to rememer and give a name to all the dead soldiers in Belgium of World War I.  Every statue receives a dog tag for identification. Everyone can make a statue on one of the mobile workshops, and so become a godmother/godfather of a comingworldrememerme statue. And of course our children did create a clay statue on the mobile workshop in Watou.

A few days later, we saw the same project again in Ypres.  I tried to draw the statues from different views, you can see them below.

Beneath the comingwordrememberme statues, I used also the poppy in my card because we saw it everywhere in Ypres and it is also a sign connected to WWI.  And in the cafe where we had our daily coffee in Kemmel (Heulvelland), I collected the chocolate wrappers with a poppy on it so... inspiration enough for a new card.

The result is not a real zentangle, but a nice memory of our holiday.  I made one in red and in black.  Personally I like the one in red the most.

And out of my scetchbook:

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