dinsdag 6 juni 2017

Square One purely zentangle: Focus april - may 2017

Oh, oh, time passes so quickly.  Already two months further, and I had no time to post any of my tiles.  Many things happen in my live right now, so not much time to focus on the Focus Square One :)  Lots of visits to my mother-in-law, looking for a room ('kot' in Flemish) for the oldest who starts at university in October, the children's examination arriving, preparing our summer holiday etc.

Anyway, here are my tiles I made in April and May.

April week 1 - Y-Ful Power
Makes me always think of Y-For, the little place in Wales were we spent our holidays 2 years ago.

April week 2: Joki
A favorite !

April week 3: Weben
no time !

April week 4: Funbee
What a fun tangle, easy to use and lots of possibilities.

May week 1: Lily's Tangles
Sad news about Lily Moon's daughter.  I think a lot at her, because the tiles of Lily are really fabulous and very inspiring to me.
I used Cloudfall and Lealed.

May week 2: Balo
A made a Balo ribbon for the front page of a paper of my daughter. 

May week 3: Paizel
Paizel and a variation on Lazy Eight.

May week 4: Signalz

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