donderdag 3 augustus 2017

Square One Pure Zentangle: focus June 2017

Oh wow,  we are already June 30th.  Our eldest daughter graduated from secondary school last Monday and she had her first 'prom' on Wednesday.  Very lovely to see them all together there, being 18 and laughing and making fun.

Time to look back to the focus of June !

Week 1: Dreamdex
Not that easy, I struggle a bit with the basic grid.  But it becomes easier when I let it go...  I made it with paradox in the middle, but it didn't turn out very well.  I like the background more than the center.

Week 2: Puffin
I decided to make a colored one of this.With a little Henna Drum and Dreamdex in the corners.

Week 3: Showgirl
Oh I like this one !

Week 4: Struts
I did not do this one, too busy...

Week 4: Flez
I made a zentangled 'A' with Flez for my youngest daughter.  She wants to use it as a background for her mobile.

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