maandag 6 april 2015

Challenges March Square one

The Square One challenges of March:

Week one: Bunzo
It's really one of my fovorites.  So I made differt tiles with it.

Week two: Oof (Out of Focus)
Oof was new to my.  In the tile I post here, I did not go to the last step but I liked it this way with a little pearl in it.

Week three: Mooka
My favorite !  I already made different tiles with Mooka because I like it that much.  You can find them on my blog.  This week, I made another one with a nice zentangle border.  I also used Dragonair and Pokeleaf in my tile.

Week four: Squid
Oh, another one I like ! What a nice month to tangle and do the challenges. Although I'm not that good in drawing this pattern.  But, the results become better and better every time I make a tile with is. I also used Isochor in this tile.

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