dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

zentangled friendship bracelets

My two girls are fond of friendship bracelets.  Last year, it was mostly the eldest who made a lot of bracelets in cotton tread - loom bands were not yet known in Belgium then :(.  She already used all the books of the library with examples (even more than once !), and made also many bracelets using internet video's and schema's.  They are endless, just like zentangles.  So for her birthday, I decided to make a Zentangle card with most of the patterns she used in her bracelets.  Nice surprise for her !

This summer the loom bands mania started also here so now the girls make mostly loom band bracelets using internet video's. Bit I did not yet zentangle them.  May be next summer :)

Birthday card with zentangled bracelet patterns.

One of the patterns I like very much so I give it here seperately.  Later on I will make a pattern of it and publish it also.  I'll let you know !

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