woensdag 15 oktober 2014

circles in circles

On a lazy Saturday, I was practicing some new patterns and regarding the many beautiful and inspiring examples on the internet.  As my daughter was around, she said to me she likes to draw circels - 'it's so fascinating'.  So I asked her to draw some circels for me and she made me two drawings.  One with random circels, and the other circels-in-circels.  Very nice, now I could start to fill them with the patterns. I especially liked a new pattern I learned called Yew-dee, which is another nice variation on Bales. I used it in my two zentangles. Some other patterns I used ard Yincut, Paradox, Chill-on, Phicops, Zazzle, Queens crown, Diva dance etc. Hope you like the results too !

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