vrijdag 7 april 2017

Square One Purely Zentangle: Focus March 2017

Stressful month behind us ! My mother in law was in hospital twice these last two months, she's 83years old and  not capable anymore to look after herself.  At the end of this month we had to bring her to an elderly nursery as she is always confused and forgets a lot.   It was not an option for her to 'go home' again. Not a pleasant experience, because she does not wanted to go there.  We try to visit her as often as we can, but yet it is not easy.

I tried to set my mind on the weekly focus to cope with this.  I post my tiles of March here.

week 1: For Fin

Week 2: MI2

Week 3: Nuwave
Nice pattern, remands me of barberpole - one of my favourites.

Week 4: Pico
Oh, I love this one.  I'll surely use it again in my tiles.

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