donderdag 4 augustus 2016

Hathi and other animals

A while ago I discovered the templates of Ben Kwok he publishes weekly in the Ornation Creation Facebook group.  Facebook Ornation Creation.  The published templates are lovely to zentangle.    You can also find a photo gallery with results of other tanglers there. Mostly it are templates about animals, and I selected a few of them to create some nice tiles for my children.

The Elephant (#048) for my oldest daughter, who's scouting name is Hathi.

A horse (#022) for my youngest daughter, she still is in her horse-period...  It was an experiment with colour  pencils, but I prefer black & white overall.

And also a rabbit (#003)for her, because she received a real rabbit to nurse for last month.  She gave him the name Nestor.

The squirell (#006) I liked very much, so I made that one for myself

And at last the Dachshund (#170).  Not an easy one this, I had to try it two times before I could publish the result.  The first dog was really ugly, but this one I'm pleased with.

And you can see, my shading has improved !

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