donderdag 4 augustus 2016

Challenges Square One July 2016

The challenges of this summer month:

week 1: Brrst
A new pattern, and I saw some faces in it.

week 2: Cornerz
That's also a new one for me.  A very nice pattern to experiment with, I'll surely use this again.

week 3: B-Dylan
I did participate to this challenge, but as I used colour in it, I could not publish it in the Square One facebook group.  Instead, it was in fact a tile for the Diva Challenge.  But I'll give it here anyway.

And then I made another one with B-dylan.

week 4: Echoism
A pattern I already know for a long time, so always nice to use it again and try something different.  
Here with Antidots. 

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