woensdag 18 mei 2016

Challenges Square One April

I totally forgot to post the challenges and my tiles made in April.  We were so bussy with the (second) house we rent and finaly found a nice young couple who wants to live there.  And we also had to look for a new school for our younghest next year, so my mind was less focussed on zentangle...

So here they are:

week one: Morse
I used Morse whith Phicops in my tile.

week two: Cruze
A new patterns to me, and not an easy one ! I combined it with Jonqal in some stairs. Also Diva Dance and Cyme is in this tile.

week three: Shnek
Shnek made me think of the violin-sign, just as we had a concert with our choral.  We performed some Bach cantates, and I enjoyed it very much.

week four: Snail
Oh, this is a nice one.  It made me make this spriral.

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