maandag 21 maart 2016

Z for Zoë

We bring our youngest daughter every week to a donkey farm since the Christmas holidays.  She follows there each week a session with a personal trainer to work on her self confidence and to improve her social behavior and skills.  These donkeys are trained to work with children, and she loves it very much.  You can find the link to the donkey farm here

Since a few weeks, she gets her session sometimes together with another girl Zoë.   While I'm waiting on the farm, I usually make some zentangles and Zoë saw my little sketch book I use. She loved the drawings, and asked me last week to make a tile with a Z for her, as she saw the example of my A in the sketch book.  So I made her a tile and you can see it here.  After the Easter holidays on the next session I can give it to her.  I think she'll be very pleased with it.

And here my A

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