zondag 14 februari 2016


February 14th today, Valentine...

The Diva Challenge #254 is to create a Valentangle, using hearts, red,...   Time to learn some hearts-patterns, so  I used the Heartswell, Heartline, Heartvine in my piece next to Nymph flowers.  I made it a 'renaissance' tile, only using black, white, red and brown on tan paper. 
I gave it to my husband, and he was flattered with it !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik kan goed begrijpen dat je man hier blij mee is!!!!

  2. How lovely, I especially like how you did the Nymph flowers.

    I've just discovered it is a public holiday in Canada today, so no Diva Challenge until tomorrow, but it has given me the chance to catch up with the last few entries from last week.