zaterdag 20 februari 2016


I started with Zentangle in april 2014, and took the time this week to look to my earliest tiles.  That's the Diva Challenge of this week (#255): 'go back into your own archives and recreate a tile from your past with your present style.'

My first tile was on an ordinary sketch book page, with an ordinary black writingpen I had in the house.  I did not have any material yet, but I loved it right a way.  After a few weeks, I went to a store and baught me some better drawing paper, so I could make tiles of 3,5" and some better and thinner black pens.   And I learned about the material after I followed my first zentangle basic course given by CZT Rita Nikolajeva in Brussels. 

My first tile was with the Auraknot pattern , and I made it again in my present style.Whow, what a difference ! And I'm only practicing for a year and a half.  I hope it's the same for you all.

Present Style:

My first tyle:

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Well, I like both tiles, but your style has certainly evolved nicely. I love your revised auraknot and the shading you have done on your new one. Great tiles!

  2. Losser en met meer zelfvertrouwen getekend!!! Mooi die 'groei' van ons allemaal.

  3. You second tile is wonderful, but look at your first tile! You tried some quite tricky patterns for beginner and still produced a great tile.