vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Challenges February Square One

Time to post my tiles for the Square one challenges of February.  Here they are:

First week: Quandary
While practicing Quandary, I had to think also about other 'flower' patterns, like Flutter en Flower Vine.

Second week: Well
Well... turned out to be a nice pattern with a lot of possibilities for variations.  I used two variations together with Paradox, and it turned out very WELL.

Third week: Huggins
My huggins did'nt turn out very well this week.  I made a mistake in the beginning, but as there are no mistakes in zentangle, it just turned out in another variation of Huggins.  Here together with River and Keeko.
And as we are in February.. I made another tile in my scetchbook with Huggins and Heartvine and Heartline.  I post it also here.

Fourth week: Strircles
I made a tile with Flormeoba which I love and makes me think of poppies and our summer holiday last year.  I gave it a nice contrast with the Strircles in the background.

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