zaterdag 15 november 2014

And yet another banner

The Diva challenge #193 of this week is posted  by Holly Atwater, and we are challenged to use three patterns: Trio, Huggins and Xyp.  I did'nt know Trio en Xyp yet, and I particulary like Trio.  So much fun to draw !  I 'm sure I wil make some other tiles with it later on.

As I am still practicing with my banners, to get them beautifully curling, I wanted to make a banner with Xyp.  I took one of my tiles of the past weeks, and 'transformed' it into a tile with the patterns of this weeks challenge - it was a tile where I used Huggins so there I got my idea.  I also post my original tile bellow.

All the other tiles posted this week you can find on

My tile for this weeks challenge:

My original tile with link to the text I posted a couple of weeks ago:

5 opmerkingen:

  1. These are lovely tiles. Your ribbons have a good flow.

  2. Allebei mooi; in de eerste is het contrast erg goed en in de tweede vind ik de circels bijzonder. Fijne zondag!

  3. Pretty tiles. Your ribbons are good, that is something i need to work on ( 1 of many).

  4. These are both beautiful! xyp was quite the challenge and I live the ribbon effect that you achieved with it...wonderful!

  5. love how your have turned xyp into a ribbon weaving across your tile - great art.