woensdag 9 december 2015

Challenges Square One November

Yes,  we are sitting downstairs again - our living room is finished ! And with a beautiful result.  I even have another piano to practice my choral music pieces. Very nice !

Week one: Verve
Nice curved pattern !

Week two: Cyme
A pattern I like very much.  Here I combined it with Tri-Bee in the background

Week three: paradox
News from Paris .... Unexpected , unbelievable, unfortunate. So i tried to focus on something else and made these flowerish paradox. Focus on something beautiful in live ..., so I created a flowerish paradox.

Week four: Pea Nucle
And here another one for Paris and Brussels, suffering of the terror threath these days.  And as I work in Brussels, we are recommanded to work from home this week.
You can see Pea Nucle, Narwal, pozer, Schway in my tile.

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