woensdag 29 juli 2015

Welsh beach stones

I collected some nice stones on the beaches in North Wales when we spended our hollidays there because I wanted to zentangle them.  It is not that easy than working on paper, but it gives a nice result. I use my special Posca pens for it.

Here my first zentangled stone.  I tried different patterns, and also used some white to give it some 'shadow'.

The next one was a gift to my sister, who passed their hollidays in the cottage next door.  It was really nice to spend our hollidays with their family ! Our children enjoied it a lot.  Here I wanted to create some circular patterns on one side , and on the back side I searched for a pattern that reflected the Snowdon they mounted on.

The last one I zentangled was a gift to the owners of the cottage.  It was a pitty we didn't see the lady anymore, because whe left so early.  But I left my stone on the window sill of the living room in the cottage.

At home, I'm going to do some other stones I collected.  I'll post them later on as soon as they are finished.

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