woensdag 6 mei 2015

My first Tangle pattern notebook

Oef ! ! I finally finished my first tangle pattern notebook with step outs.  I used a Moleskine notebook with squares to put in the patterns I already learned and used in a tile.  I was introduced to zentangle about a year ago, and after a short time I felt the need to have a reference of my patterns, so I started to put them in a notebook.  There are 93 patterns in my book, not bad for one year !  And I made an alphabetic register at the back.  It is a really good help when I'm looking for a pattern while I'm drawing. Mostly I used the tanglepatterns.com site for learning and seeking new patterns.  There is a link on the right side of my blog to this site.

My eldest daughter pimped the front cover with some nice looking tape - because the kitten had bitten in it in the beginning, and there were some tooth marks it it :(.  But now I like it again.  She already pimped my second notebook I'm going to start with some other tape. It will take a while I guess before that one will be finished.

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