zaterdag 14 februari 2015

Valentangle challenge #204

Oh yes, the Diva challenge this week has to do with valentine of course.  It is called a valentangle, and you can use the patterns you wish.

I made mine with the Trio pattern, beause I always found it looking like a heart.  I added a string with heartline to it, and put some variation of Crescent Moon around it.  I think it's one of my better ones ! I put it in a nice envelope and gave it to my husband this morning.  Little valentine surprise... and he liked it very much.

Alle the other tiles posted for this challenge you can find here on the Diva website: valentangles

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this!! Like the way you added the heart string.

  2. Well done! I like the heart string too! I also like the medallion shape you drew near the top-center as it becomes a focal point to pull the eye toward the center of the heart.

  3. Trio is hier wel heel geschikt voor, leuk dat je dat zag. Het resultaat is PRACHTIG!